David performs strolling magic and magic shows in venues ranging from “21” and the Waldorf Astoria to TV Commercials to hospitality booths to conventions and sales meetings to private parties of all sizes.  A prime ingredient in all his magic is audience participation.  Some of the magic even happens right in the spectator’s hands.

    Oh, yes, he does card tricks, but not the pick-a-card, your card is the... In one mind frying routine the spectator merely imagines a card - any card they like - and that is the only card that is upside-down in a deck that mysteriously appears.  Cards actually link together.  Someone signs their name on any card they like; it’s shuffled into the deck.  Amazingly, it appears in a small wooden box that has been on another table, untouched until this moment.  Because everyone is familiar with playing cards, David often uses them as tools in some of his mind reading experiments.

    Imagine a paper cocktail napkin from the table being set afire.  David blows out the fire - the napkin is totally unharmed and is given to a guest as a souvenir.  Or someone pours salt from the table’s salt shaker into David’s hand.  One of the guests says the magic word and the salt disappears - but wait- it appears in whichever hand that guest chooses.

    Who doesn’t like money?  David holds a genuine five dollar bill while a participant holds a one dollar bill.  David uses psychokinesis to have the bills mentally change places.  More money - David asks for the loan of a twenty or fifty.  The loaner signs it. Bare-handedly he turns it into a genuine $100 bill.  Right before your eyes!  As promised, he returns it to you in its original form.

    His shows have the same energy and fun but on a grander scale.  From the Chinese Linking Rings in his own hilarious style to mailing you an envelope in advance of the show, which, when opened during the show, contains the actual headline from that day’s newspaper. 

    David specializes in custom tailored magic - produce the company president or celebrant magically, do magic with your products, have your logo or message as part of the magic, even have your guests read minds.

    Magic, mind reading, close-up or stage, the bottom line is Entertainment and Fun!

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David Fletcher
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